A small selection.
John Knox and John Calvin
would have known and sung these metrical psalms.

Psalm 23

Dominus regit, Psalm 23, by Th. Sterne

David having tried manifold mercies divers times, gathered assurance that God will continue his goodness for ever.

Sing this as Palm 21.

  1. My shepherd is the living Lord
    nothing therefore I need:
    In pastures fair, with waters calm
    he sets me for to feed.

  2. He did convert and glad my soul,
    and brought my mind in frame:
    To walk in paths of righteousness,
    For his most holy name.

  3. Yea though I walk in vale of death
    yea I will fear none ill:
    The rod, thy staff doth comfort me,
    and thou art with me still.

  4. And in the presence of my foes,
    my table thou shalt spread:
    Thou shalt O Lord fill full my cup
    and eke * anoint my head.

  5. Through all my life thy favour is,
    so frankly showed to me:
    That in thy house for ever more
    my dwelling place shall be.

[Note; * eke (archaic) = also. From Old English ‘eac’]


Psalm 24; v 7-8

  1. Ye Princes open your gates
    stand open the everlasting gate,
    For there shall enter in thereby
    The king of glorious state.

  2. What is the king of glorious state
    the strong and mighty Lord:
    The mighty Lord in battle stout:
    And trial of the sword.


Psalm 118; 6-9

  1. The Lord himself is on my side
    I will not stand in doubt,
    Nor fear what man can do to me
    when God stands me about.

  2. The Lord doth take my part with them
    that help to succour me:
    Therefore I shall see my desire,
    upon mine enemies.

  3. Better it is to trust in God,
    than in man’s mortal seed:
    Or to put confidence in kings,
    or princes in our need.

  4. All nations have enclosed me,
    and compassed me around,
    But in the name of God shall I
    mine enemies confound.


Psalm 119; v. 83-84

  1. As a skin bottle in the smoke,
    so I am parched and dried:
    Yet will I not out of my heart
    let thy commandments slide.

  2. Alas how long shall I yet live,
    Before I see the hour:
    That on my foes which me torment
    thy vengeance thou wilt pour.